Reveals all unhidden files present in computer hard disk

There are millions of people who often complain that there internet connection is very slow. There can be many reasons due to which the speed of your internet connection is too slow. It is essential that you should look for a best course of action through which you can effectively eliminate all the unused files from your computer system. In order to do that, you need to have the access to index.dat reader software.

Impact of unhidden files

There are many hidden files present in your computer system and that would great decrease the speed of your internet connection. These are basically unreadable files and they can store your entire internet browsing history. All the web pages that have been viewed in past few days or weeks and downloads that have been done by you gets stored in these files. It is essential that you should delete them permanently from the hard disk of your computer system. This index.dat reader software will view all the hidden files and the size of these files can get extended up to hundred megabytes. It is of crucial importance that these are very large files and they require bandwidth as well as constant access.

How to delete unhidden files?

Index.dat viewerThere are few software companies that claim that these files will not have any impact on the speed of your internet connection, but in fact this is not the real scenario. These files will record all your browsing history and store all the relevant data and information. If this is accessed by some other individual, then you can put yourself into great trouble. It is recommended that you should delete all these files from your computer system and this is how you can increase the speed of your internet connection. In order to do this, you need to download the index.dat reader software.